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Removal Companies Leeds


DSD Removals and Storage
DSD Removals and Storage


DSD Removal Companies Leeds

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Removal Companies Leeds

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DSD Removals and Storage is a well-established removal companies Leeds, independently formed in 2002.

As a family run business with depots in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax, Huddersfield, Rochdale and Manchester. We offer the highest quality of customer care and service that has allowed us to continuously grow throughout the years as a specialist removal company, providing our cost effective removals services across the Yorkshire area.

55 Star Rating Removal Services - DSD Removals and Storage rated Google reviews
Host of excellent testimonial available upon request
Used by BBC, Channel 5 & Dave


DSD your no.1 Removal Companies Leeds

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Removal Companies Leeds - Testimonial

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Removal Companies Leeds - Testimonial

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Customer service:

Here at DSD Removals & Storage we focus always on customer service.  No matter if its moving home/ office small or large.  Without the drive to achieve high customer service satisfaction we would not last the test of time.  Day by day we achieve excellent customer feedback and reviews which are very important to us.

Our promise to customers is that we will always be:

  • Professional & Reliable
  • Honest & respectful
  • Punctual & informative

Providing customers with clear information in relation to services we will be providing times of arrival and key factors is very important to us to reduce stress and anxiety during the move process. Our staff are employed by us we do not use agency staff even during the high season this allows us to keep quality to a high standard.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Our staff:

  • Trained & professional
  • Uniformed and neatly presented

Modern reliable vehicles

We operate a fleet of vehicle all maintained to a high level to ensure reliability and reduce breakdown or mechanical problems.

Secure storage

  • 24 hour security
  • CCTV
  • Flood lighting
  • Perimeter fencing

Packing Materials 

All packing materials required for moving including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, portable cardboard wardrobes, mattress bags and much much more is available.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Why should I choose DSD as my Removal Companies Leeds ?

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • FREE Insurance cover
  • Household Name
  • Able to provide an unlimited amount of testimonials
  • A range of vehicles to suit your removals needs – keeping your costs down
  • Exceptional/ Trained Team – CRB checked
  • Capable of completing local Removals to Worldwide moves for any property type and size.

Moreover see our true live customer feedback on our Facebook

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Removal Companies Leeds


The next steps…
It’s easy, we will pop over to assess your removal requirements and also provide you with a quotation.

Furthermore if you are looking for a local, efficient experienced Removals Company,  which has the capability to service every type of Removal needs.

Removal Companies Leeds

Finally above all our customer reviews say everything you need to know about us we aim high and deliver the standards you deserve.

Removals Contents Form Download – Microsoft Office Excel Format(84kb)

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Removal Companies Leeds - Testimonial

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Removal Companies Leeds - Testimonial


DSD Removal Companies Leeds

DSD House Removals and Storage
Old William Street Leeds LS28 6JR
Tel: 0113 873 0238


Packing Service Leeds

DSD Removals and Storage
DSD Removals and Storage

Need a cost effective Packing service Leeds – Contact your local DSD Office

DSD Removals and Storage offer a specialist packing service Leeds, using the latest modern materials for efficiency and protection, ensuring the best safety for your items. We provide a step by step arrangement to keep your move from being stress full, we can handle and look after all of your household items, moving them from A to B no matter the complexity.

A removal plan is organised with each client, making sure that every step that we take is explained and understood. We will list every single item, on a clear plan, to ensure that everything that needs to be packed up and unpacked in the new place is easily located, for peace of mind. Valuable and fragile items are especially cared for, to prevent any damage and breakage in transit.

Antique packing

Precious and delicate items

Packing for overseas removals

Commercial document packing

Large furniture requiring dismantle and assemble to enable easy removal can be arranged using our competent and professional staff.

Packaging materials: supplied at discounted rate when using full pack service.

Optional Packing services

Our unpacking service includes full house cleaning, so everything is brand new and fresh for when you are settling in. We remove any materials such as boxes, left after the unpacking so you are welcomed with a clutter free space.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and experienced Removals and packing Company, which has the capability to service every type of removal needs – please feel free to contact us via email or see  branch telephone numbers below.

See our true live customer feedback on our Facebook page

Packing Service Leeds



Imagine simply stepping into your new house where all your items have been arranged and kept tidy by us to welcome you. Carpets cleaned, the TV connected to watch your favourite program, the kitchen arranged to prepare a hot meal for your family and the bedroom ready for a good night sleep. This service ensures that we undertake everything, leaving you to simply watch. This includes the following:-


One of our trained pre-move surveyors will visit you at home. A detailed step by step removal plan will be agreed with yourself, making sure we both know what is expected from us. Every single item is listed in the plan, even things out of sight in loft spaces and cupboards.

In accordance to the removal plan a full packing service will be provided at loading address ensuring the minimal of disruption to yourself.


Important paperwork, jewellery, personal files etc, will be kept in a safe place and handed to your when you leave the property.


Once our removal team has delivered your possessions, you don’t need to unpack a single box. Just relax – whilst we transform your carton chaos into organised calm!


We make sure that your first night essentials are unpacked straight away. The next day, we will arrive early to unpack all your boxes and organise each room to your specification.


All cupboards and shelves are cleaned before anything is put away. Furniture, books and ornaments can also be placed as directed by you or leave it to our experts acute attention to detail.


Once everything is unpacked, we will clean and vacuum the house, leave a complimentary “welcome box” plus a bunch of fresh flowers, and walk you round to make sure you are completely satisfied.


This involves our professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move to carry out the full packing. This involves all the glass, China, Cutlery, books, linen, toys, lamps and all small items from drawers, cupboards, under stairs, under beds, sheds etc. to be packed into packing boxes. Also large paintings, mirrors and other fragile items will be protected individually. At your new home the packed cartons will be emptied and contents left for you to place them upon the shelves at your leisure.

All cartons and packaging materials will be taken away leaving your home free from any waste.


This packing service Leeds ensures that we pack everything leaving you to simply watch. This involves professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move. All the glass, China, ornaments, Cutlery, books, linen, lamps, toys and any small items will be packed into packing boxes. Also large paintings and mirrors will be protected individually. The packers will go through the household checking with you all items to be packed, ensuring that no important paperwork or valuables is packed without your consent.

All cartons are labelled with detailed contents, room from which it came from and proposed location in new home.


This involves our professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move. All the China , glassware, ornaments and fragile items are professionally packed, using our range of modern cartons and packing materials, leaving for you to pack the Cutlery, books, linen and other non-fragile items.


If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, we offer a wide range of high quality packing materials for you to use. We provide hire of packing boxes and wardrobe cartons (subject to availability). However for deliveries within London, a deposit is also required which is fully refundable after return of cartons or moving boxes. For deliveries outside West Yorkshire, we require payment on the day of delivery.

See our true live customer feedback on our Facebook page

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